Jupiter will be closer to earth on the evening of Sept 20 -21 2010 then in almost 50 years and will
achieve an apparent diameter of nearly 50 arc seconds.

It will out shine all the stars and planets in the sky surpassed in brightness only by the moon
, sun
and Venus
. During this time it will appear as a brilliant -2.94 magnitude star in the constellation of
Pisces - the Fish.

I used
NASA's HORIZONS to generate the tables on the links below and have centered the
information as to an observer at Allegheny Observatory, in Pittsburgh PA. ( All times are UT or
subtract 4 hours for local time.)

The data includes RA and Decl of the planet as well as planets elevation at 00 hours UT, the
apparent magnitude and Jupiter's disk size at the time indicated.

Information in the
Sept 18, to Sept 23, 2010 Table indicates the planets position, apparent
brightness and size every hour. We can see by an inspection of this data, Jupiter will grow to a
maxium disk size to about 49.86092 arcsec at approx 4 am Sept 21, 2010 UT or about midnight
local time.

Sept 1 to Nov 15, 2010 Table provides the same basic data but only at the time of 00 hrs UT
over the allocated dates.
                  Recent Images of Jupiter - Mingo Imaging Team
Jupiter Opposition Data Sept 18 to Sept 23, 2010
Jupiter Data Sept 1 to Nov 15, 2010