Moon & Venus
Dec 31, 2008

Venus was less than 3
degrees from the moon
when these images were

Click on any picture to

Despite wind, frosty air and
frigid temperatures, the
skies were semi clear to
grab these images before
being clouded over.


Camera Kodak Digital 612 Z set on manual
exposure. Asa 100 Shutter speed at about 1/2

Astronomical information:


Waxing Crescent approx 4.4 days old.

Apparent diameter 30.2 arcsec

illumination 17 %

Altitude in the sky approx. 29 degrees

Colongitude 324.8 degrees


-4.32 magnitude

58 % disk illumination

21 arcsec angular size.
Ice in the atmosphere can be viewed
by clicking on the picture on the left.
The haze causes the limb on the
moon to appear smeared. The
reddish fringe impart has been
enhanced due to the optical
properties of the camera lens.