Nearly  Full Moon Images
November 13, 2007 - Image by Paul Campbell. Taken with Sont Cybershot camera . 40mm len  1.  15% hirsch Moon filter and  1.  
MeadND96 0.9% Moon filter. Telescope - Meade ETX.  Image Processsed  with photoshop cs2.
Moon - by Dan McKeel on Nov 13, 2008   2.6"Moon Refractor Canon 300D DSLR 2X Barlow
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Full size image by Dan - please click
on above image.
Moon image above obtained as it
appeared in the sky on the night of Nov
13, 2008.

Different appearances of the moon on
images to the left & below are due to
the equipment of the observer.
Moon Facts on 11-13-08

Lunation approx 16 days
illumination 99 %
Apparent diam.  33.6'
Distance   355507 K