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2008 Conjunctions &
Events - January
The year begins with the red planet Mars receeding from earth during the first month of 2008.

The planets Venus and Jupiter provide a spectacular sight in the morning sky in late January.
The pair move closer & closer to one another all month long. The time to watch in particular is from about
Jan 27, 2008 to Febuary 6th. Fast moving Venus in the early morning sky actually over takes Jupiter and
the planets move towards each other at approximately one degree per day.

On Sunday morning Jan 27 the pair are about 5 degrees away just before sunrise. This gap closes - on
Jan 28 they are now 4 degrees away, and so on until Jan 31 moving  closer & closer. By Feb 1 the pair are
about one half a degree apart, and on Feb 2 seperated by about one degree, then moving away at the
rate of 1 degree per day until by Feb 6th they are 5 degrees apart again - the same distance they were
seperated on Jan 27th.

Closest approach is Feb 1, for viewers in the early morning hours, as detailed below.
This is how the sky will look on Feb 1, 2008 - at approx. 6:45 am just before the rising sun.
Venus mag - 3.97 and Jupiter mag - 1.88 will be about one half of a degree apart, in the constellation of
Sagittarius.  The moon, 29% full will be within 3 degrees of the bright star Antares and all of this should be a
magnificent sight
Venus & Jupiter
On the left you can click the button to
see a Quick Time Movie that shows the
movement of Venus and the moon
against the stars for a period of time
from Jan 27 to Feb 4th.

On the morning of Feb 4, notice that
the planets are still close to each
other by about 3 degrees.

If you can watch the morning of Feb 4,
see if you can catch the moon setting
and at 6:45 am it will be less than 5
degrees from the Planetary Pair.

To activate the movie click on the small
triangle on the left. To slow things down
use the round button on the slide bar.

Notice how fast nearby Venus moves
against the sky background as compared to
distant Jupiter.

Venus as it appears in a small
telescope on Feb 1,
Jupiter as it appears the same morning with the positions of the planet's four moon's.

This image is non-inverted nor flipped.